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Jon’s Story

My life’s path, like many others, has had its share of twists and turns. Prior to entering the field of counseling, I have worn several professional “hats.” After graduating from Anoka High School, I joined the US Navy and spent four years serving in San Francisco. I was able to take advantage of the GI Bill to complete my college education at MN State University, Mankato. During the years following college, I taught high school music. I owned a small business for several years, and have worked as a manager in the financial services industry.

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Jon NewcombWhile working in these different career paths, I began to notice that people in my life regularly reached out to me for advice and counsel with emotional and relationship problems. I discovered that I had been practicing “casual” counseling for most of my adult life. Many people who were helped by my advice suggested that I pursue counseling as a profession. Late in my professional life, I enrolled in Minnesota School of Professional Psychology’s graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy, leading to professional licensing in the field.

I’m happily married, am the father of five wonderful young adults and the proud grandpa of four precious grandchildren. I have found that drawing from my own life experience has been very valuable in working with clients. I have personally experienced some of the struggles that they are facing.

I am passionate about the work of helping my clients learn to build the lives and relationships they desire. I am truly blessed to have these opportunities to walk with my clients for a time as they discover solutions for difficult problems in their lives.