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Anger Management



Anger is an emotion that often leads to behavior that can be harmful and sometimes destructive. Nearly everyone can give in to angry outbursts under the right circumstances. In fact, anger is a normal emotion that can often be used as a force for good. The emotion of anger, unfortunately, is frequently associated with hurtful words and destructive actions often accompanied by negative consequences.

There is help for those with anger control problems. Having issues with anger does not make you a bad person, it simply indicates that you may need some help learning to channel that energy in productive ways.

Using the curriculum “What’s Good About Anger” participants in this program will learn to redirect their negative energy into positive actions. Some of the topics taught include Stress Reduction. Relaxation Techniques. Principles of Self-Calming, Emotional Intelligence, and more.

Jon is a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS II). You may be seeking Anger Management Training voluntarily. If so we are sure that you will find this program very helpful in gaining control of your anger. Some attend these classes because of legal problems or because it’s required by an employer. In these cases, all necessary forms, paperwork, and other documentation will be provided at the completion of the course.

We invite you to participate. Many lives have been changed by the application of the principles outlined in this course. Maybe it’s time for you to leave behind the hurt, pain, and broken relationships caused by out of control anger.

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