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Jon Newcomb is a class act. He was able to bring me relief from anxiety and stress. He also helped me with my binge-eating. After one appointment, my body and brain were actually calm (they have not been for a long time). He has helped me deal with some tough situations and emotional challenges I’ve been facing. I am so grateful that I decided to try therapy with Mr. Newcomb. I feel much more balanced and peaceful.
I came to Jon with multiple issues. I was having marital problems, I was suffering with some postpartum depression and anxiety and I did not like myself a whole lot. I think Jon is probably one of the most patient non-judgmental people I have ever met. He has a soft spoken way about him and the things he says seem so logical you cant believe you didn’t realize it yourself.  I highly recommend Jon to anyone. I remained calm even when talking about difficult things. Today my husband and I are doing much better and I feel like I have developed better coping skills. Life is always a work in progress and I know I can come back to see Jon whenever I feel the need.
I received hypnotherapy for weight loss, Jon does a great job of providing a calming atmosphere and smooth transitions in and out of hypnotherapy. I have noticed results in my mental awareness of issues that were dealt with in hypnotherapy and a more positive attitude overall.

I have been seeing Jon Newcomb for about a year. I recommend Jon to everyone I know. He provides excellent service! Look no further! You have found the best! Thank you Jon for everything you do and continue to enrich the lives of others.
My husband and I have been to counseling a couple different times throughout our seven year marriage, each with multiple sessions. We find Jon very helpful and we are very comfortable talking with him. We feel he really listens so he can understand us before just throwing out advice. He has always been a positive mentor and we will continue to go back even while our marriage is improving.

Hi Jon… I wanted to drop you a line and thank you again. My husband and I are best friends again. We’ve had arguments and resolved them, we’re not carrying resentments like we had been doing We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! Who would have known??? We’ve taken a couple fishing trips together, just the two of us and had a blast together! We have laughed together and been almost shocked at the fact that we do enjoy being together. I’m grateful to be in-love with my husband again. Thanks for providing a safe environment for us to process the debris and heal the damage in our relationship.
I first saw Jon as a woman who felt unloveable, co-dependent and in a horrible relationship. Now I am confident, happy, out of the relationship (Jon never said to leave), he let that be my decision. I am losing my past behavior that would always get in the way of moving forward and with that came a new job with a larger salary.
I wish I would have found Jon years ago, but I am thankful I found him. If you are looking for someone who listens, guides and helps you move on – please go see Jon. If I should need him in the future I know he will be there for me. Jon never judges you, you are completely comfortable and can speak to him about anything.

Jon is a welcoming, caring and compassionate person. He offers a safe and non judgmental environment where you can feel free to be yourself. He listens, guides and helps you understand situations in a different light, all with positivity and understanding. He is always ready to help in any way. I recommend Jon to anyone who needs a patient and considerate shoulder to lean on!
Jon was a blessing to our marriage. He had an intuitiveness about our situation and walked us through our problems. He took his time and was respectful while very effective in his advice and expectations. Highly recommend for any couple at any stage in their marriage.
Through the years I have been to many counselor’s, but always received the same words “How did that make you feel”. Finally, I found Jon and it was refreshing. The way he helps you move through your thoughts, he let’s you do the work (which helped me the most) and guides you when you get off track.

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